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Focused Knowledge & Experience

We at Palindrome Technology identify ourselves as a company that assists customer with Technical and Digital Transformations to enable them to compete and thrive in today’s complex Integrated Digital World.  Palindrome Technology is equipped with the knowledge, experience and infrastructure to help our clients transform and thrive.

With over 62 years of Marketing, Product Management, Technology and Consulting Experience our team covers a broad range of industries and company sizes enabling us to create a custom experience for your specific needs.

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a fundamental axiom that guides us in all our endeavors is the desire to create a unique, enriching and state of the art experience for our customers and their customers. Our leadership has deep and rich experience in customer experience, user experience and technology development.

Our Team


Zameer Minhas

Lead Consultant

Zameer has extensive knowledge of the current technical landscape in digital transformation – spanning everything from development and strategy to planning, managing and executing large scale projects that effect millions on customers and have revenue implications in the 100s of $ millions.

Zameer has been working in a vast array of industries including several highly regulated industries such as Pharma, Health Care and Financial Services/Payments.  In addition, Zameer had grown up in Manufacturing, CPG and Electronics. Companies such as PayPal, eBay, Astra Zeneca, GE, Proctor and Gamble and Computer Associates have benefitted from his leadership and experience for the past 25 + years.

Zameer’s academic background spans Physics and Mathematics at Punjab University and Information Technology at the University of Cincinnati.

Aimen has been a marketing and product executive for over 25 years.  She has held many C level roles as both a Marketing, Product or Growth Executive.  She has deep experience in financial services, subscription and content as well as marketplaces, ecommerce and social for profits and non-profits.

Aimen has worked at large companies such as Microsoft, Chase, eBay and PayPal, Ancestry and Audible to smaller Silicon Valley startups.  She has a proven track record to entering companies to lead them through a significant growth phase where she has delivered in excess of 10 X growth within a 2 year period.

Aimen is a graduate of University of Pennsylvania where she received a BA in Psychobiology.

Aimen Barma

Lead Consultant